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  • Court Reporter Blog - When requesting transcripts, please make your request formally via email.  Please provide all dates of any hearings that you are requesting.  It is not necessary to identify the hearing by name, but it is necessary to provide me with a date.  This is very important when requesting records from me.  Cause numbers and defendants names should be included as well.  My email address is sharon.hamilton@co.hardin.tx.us.  My direct line is 409-246-5156. 


    Sharon K. Hamilton, CSR #6443 Texas

  • "Join a Meeting" on Zoom - 4092465155 is our permanent meeting ID number.  No password necessary.

    TO ALL ATTORNEYS REGARDING ZOOM EXHIBITSDo not E-file exhibits.  Please submit exhibits at the time of hearing (via the "document share" feature provided by Zoom if hearing is via Zoom.)  Once exhibits have been admitted by the Court, please submit originals (via e-mail, if by Zoom) only the "admitted" exhibits to the court reporter (sharon.hamilton@co.hardin.tx.us) for proper filing with the District Clerk's office.  The Court does not wish to see the exhibits prior to the hearing, unless otherwise requested or ordered.

    ONLY Zoom criminal dockets will be accessible via YouTube (see link below) for the public's viewing.

    Zoom protocol guidelines

  • *ONLY Zoom criminal dockets will be accessible via YouTube for the public's viewing.

    356th Judicial District Court's Personal Meeting Room