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Disaster epidemiology assesses the short- and long-term adverse health effects of disasters to help guide emergency response and recovery efforts and predict consequences of future disasters. It provides situational awareness; that is, information that helps us understand what the needs are, plan the response, and gather the appropriate resources. The main objectives of disaster epidemiology are to

  • prevent or reduce the number of deaths, illnesses, and injuries caused by disasters,
  • provide timely and accurate health information for decision-makers,
  • improve prevention and mitigation strategies for future disasters by collecting information for future response preparation.
Meet Our Team

Whitney Heinicke

Epidemiology Manager & Public Health Emergency Planner

Christina Richard

Surveillance Specialist & Public Health Emergency Planner

Gail Douglas

Epidemiologist/Surveillance Specialist

Courtney Jackson



Kera Thomas

Public Health Emergency Planner

Natalee Bustos